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Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

With our new generation wheel alignment machines which uses 3D technology, the vehicle tyre’s can be set off in the exact way how they were when they left the factory.

One of the most neglected yet most important service for your car is wheel alignment. Working on your wheel alignment

  • Enhances your vehicles performance
  • Enhances handling
  • Better fuel economy
  • Ride comfort
  • Increases the life expectancy of the tyre

There are three main types of wheel alignment that should all be adjusted to get the optimal performance from your car:

Toe Alignment

  • Toe is measures how much a pair of wheels are turned in or out from a straight ahead position.
  • Toe alignment can be carried out on the front wheels alone or the front and rear wheels.
  • You will feel your car ‘pulling’ to one side if the toe alignment is out.
  • Camber is the vertical tilt of the wheel
  • If the camber is out of alignment it will cause the tyre tread to wear excessively on the edge
  • If the camber is different from wheel to wheel it can cause your vehicle to pull to one side
  • Camber misalignment may not be adjustable on all cars. If the camber alignment is out on these vehicles it may indicate that something is worn or bent and should be inspected more closely.

Caster Alignment

  • Caster alignment is the angle of the steering pivot when viewed from the side of the vehicle
  • Caster has little effect on tyre wear, but it affects steering stability
  • If the caster is out of adjustment, it can cause problems in straight line tracking
  • If the caster is equal but too negative, the steering will be light and the vehicle will wander
  • If the caster is equal but too positive, the steering will be heavy and the steering wheel may kick when you hit a bump

When should you do a wheel alignment for your vehicle?

  • Pulling to one side – Most noticeable characteristic is when your car is “pulling to one side" while driving.
  • Uneven tyre wear – When your tyres are not aligned they tend to have uneven tyre wear. That’s when you should check your tyres with us.
  • Recommended every 5000 km’s – With the current conditions of the roads in Sri Lanka it is recommended to check your tyre’s every 5000 km’s.
  • What Is Wheel Balancing?

    Incorrect balancing not only causes vibration in the steering wheel and dashboard, but wrongly balanced wheels can also cost you money! Incorrect balancing also causes premature wear of tyres and rapid wear of suspension parts.

    If you find that your steering 'wobbles' above a certain speed, this may be a sign that your wheels are not balanced properly. If left, this can not only be uncomfortable to drive, but may affect the performance of your vehicles.

    The wheel alignment machines we use are proven to be the

    • The Fastest Aligner Ever
    • The Most Accurate Aligner Ever
    • The Most Reliable Aligner Ever

    Our Wheel Alignment services are available at Koswatte Car Care Center, Orugodawatte Car Care Center and Negombo Car Care Center.

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