Hybrid Center Services - LAUGFS Carcare

LAUGFS Hybrid Center

Total Solutions for your Hybrid or Electric vehicle by qualified technicians at our specialized service bay at LAUGFS Hybrid Center Koswatta

Hybrid Battery Service/ Repair/ Replacement

Regular service and timely repair or replacement of your battery (brand new, reconditioned) to ensure your Hybrid/EV performs to optimum specifications.

High Voltage System Scanning & Diagnostic

Manufacturer recommended scanning procedure and diagnostic to ensure your system is in optimum working order.

Service Reminder Lights (Service Indicating Mileage Setting)

We will check all the warning indications and provide the necessary solutions.

ECVT Oil & HMMF Change

All types of fluid replacement (Engine & Transmission) for all types of Hybrid & EV vehicles using recommended branded oils.

Wire and Cable Check

Technicians will thoroughly inspect all cables sheaths and wires for cuts and tears and replace as necessary.

Complete Computer Diagnostic Test (Electronic)

Our cutting-edge technology ensures fast and accurate diagnosis of issues.

Inverter Coolant Change & System Bleeding

Maintenance of inverter cooling system, including bleeding and checking system integrity.

Battery Power & Energy Test

We check the performance & status of the auxiliary battery (SOS & SOH) & offer the best solution.

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