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Full Service

Full Service, which is also known as Lubrication Service is a 7 step process at LAUGFS Car Care

  • DETAILED WASH Body wash, carpet wash, glass cleaning, dash cleaning, tyre dressing & Wax, Interior vacuum (Free)

  • LUBRICATION - We top up engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, clutch & power steering fluid up to optimal capacity or completely change it using high performance brand lubricants. .

  • UNDERCARRIAGE WASH AND DEGREASING - We completely degrease the undercarriage of the automobile, removing accumulated oil and grit using the application of pressure washes with advanced pressure sensors.


  • EXTERIOR WAXING - We apply a hard wax with a clear coat that produces a high-gloss finish to new or old car paint. The wax also acts as a protective layer that helps maintain the paint and protect it for longer. (Free)


  • FULL INSPECTION - A detailed feedback form is issued after every full lubrication service.


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