Other Specialised Services

Engine Oil and Filter Change

We keep your engine running smoothly with regularly scheduled oil changes. The quantity of engine oil decreases over time while simultaneously collecting sludge. It is necessary to completely change out the engine oil and clean the filter to keep your engine healthy and running smoothly. Your nearest LAUGFS Care Care service station can perform this service for you using high performance products.

Engine Cleaning

Over time the engine collects grease and sludge deposits. At LAUGFS Car Care we clean out your engine using special cleaning fluid that breaks apart the grease and impurities reliably and returns it to its fully functioning condition. A clean engine has reduced wear and tear and extended service life.

ATF Change

We offer manual and automatic transmission fluid exchanges. During a transmission fluid exchange, our service professionals remove all the old transmission fluid and replenish it with new transmission fluid. Old transmission fluid causes your gears to shift either roughly or too slowly to be very effective. Transmission fluid change is necessary to keep your gear changes smooth and prevent damage to your vehicle

Leather Care

Genuine Leather upholstery needs extra care and attention especially in high humidity environments like Sri Lanka. We use specially formulated cleaners and conditioners to protect your leather from ageing and cracking, keeping the leather smooth, soft and supple. Proper care of your vehicle's leather interior protects it from daily wear and tear, prolonging longevity and restoring appearance.

Corrosion Protection

We carry out corrosion protection for your vehicle by coating the undercarriage using world class brand products. The process consists of:

  • Washing & cleaning of undercarriage
  • Cleaning of all corroded areas
  • Cleaning of surfaces using a thinner
  • Covering of all areas before applying the undercoat
  • Smooth application of the undercoat

Radiator Coolant Flush and Replacement

A car radiator is responsible for keeping the engine cool. Over a period of time sediment builds up and decreases cooling efficiency. Radiator maintenance is essential to keep your engine healthy. At LAUGFS Car Care, we replace coolant at regular intervals and our expert technicians assess the state of your radiator and service the cooling system appropriately.

Brake Fluid Change

Instead of only topping up brake fluid, it is safer to completely change it when the fluid is in poor condition. Our Car Care Experts will help identify when this becomes necessary and carry out the service.

Fuel System Cleaning

We perform fuel system cleaning which removes the build-up of dirt in your fuel system and helps improve performance. Fuel system cleaning includes,

  • Injector cleaning
  • Throttle cleaning
  • Cleaning of fuel lines

Engine Scanning

Our engine scanning uses state of the art diagnostic tools to identify and correct faults in your engine. Engine malfunctions can be quickly diagnosed and fixed.

Manual gear oil change

To protect your gear box and ensure its smooth operation you have to change the gear oil with the right gear oil type, at the right time.

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